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Veneer Stone is simply the stone that would cover a wall on the Exterior or Interior of a New Home, Fireplace, or Outdoor Kitchen.

Types of Stone Veneers

  • Full Dimensional or Full Bed Depth stone: Generally, 3”-5” thick that would sit on a 5.5” brick ledge. (This page will cover the Full Dimensional Stone)
  • Natural Thin Veneer: Lightweight Stone. Basically, we cut the face off a Full Dimensional Stone to approximately 1.25” thick. We cut our Thin Veneer Stone at our Shop in Mineral Wells, TX.


Chopped Stone

  • Quarry Chopped: Roughly rectangular but not perfect.
  • Sawed Top and Bottom (STB): this chopped stone has been cut with a diamond saw to produce a more uniform appearance.
Veneer Stone Veneer Stone Veneer Stone

Builder’s Stone or Building Stone:
Irregular shaped stone like Flagstone.

Ledgestone or Ledge Stone:
STB or Quarry Chopped but generally Ledge sizes or Coarse heights of 1”- 3”.

Veneer Stone

Cobble Stone:
Can be River Stone or a Tumbled Stone that has rounded edges.

Veneer Stone


Veneer Stone

Blending Stone is one of our specialties. Over the past several years Home Builders and Homeowners have been looking for unique one of a kind looks. With a limited supply of Stone Quarries from Texas to Oklahoma, we at BellStone decided to start mixing various Types of Stones to create a New and Exciting look. Although a Homeowner can choose whatever selection they want, we have created dozens of Stone Blends that compliment each other in color tones. The most popular have tended to different ratios of Oklahoma Chopped Stone, Millsap Chopped Stone, Lueders Chopped Stone, Hackett Stone, Chocolate Lueders, San Saba Sawed Top and Bottom, Austin White Chopped, Austin Nicotine, Brick Rock, and Granbury Chopped Stone. Blends are also a way to mix a less expensive stone with a more expensive stone reducing cost while still giving a high-end appearance.

Customers can select different shapes such as Chopped Stone, Builders Stone, Ledge Stone, and Cobble Stone. If you are wanting to create that old-world type of feel for your new construction or perhaps you are giving your home a new façade then veneer stone is the perfect material for the job!


We at BellStone Masonry Supply understand the importance of providing high-quality building materials. Over 45 years we have been producing our Stone from Quarries located in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, Gordon, Strawn, and Graford. We started as a quarry first and understand true Quality Control. We realized long ago the credibility and benefits that high-Quality materials give us at BellStone. Some stone suppliers supply Volume Builders and the need for the least expensive material is demanded. That’s not us and we still have Excellent pricing. Far less expensive than most Stone Yards in the Metroplex.

Limestone vs Sandstone

These are the main two we supply. Misconceptions: The idea that one is better, harder than the other is generally not true. Limestone is made up of fossilized materials (plant and animals) whereas Sandstone is a sedimentary stone that was formed in layers. Hardness and durability are not specific to Limestone or Sandstone but rather on the specific type. Limestone tends to retain moisture and Sandstone breathes. However, Austin Limestone is a very soft stone that if installed in an area of high-water retention such as a flower bed border, it can crack. Whereas Lueders Limestone is much denser, doesn’t discolor as much nor as fast. Sandstone, same thing. Millsap Sandstone is very soft but durable. The Palo Pinto Courthouse is 150 years old and still in great shape. Oklahoma Sandstone is very dense and hard. Still layered so it can flake but the flaking is generally minimal. Granbury Limestone is very dense, in fact so dense it hasn’t been cost efficient to cut with Diamond Saws.

Selections of Stone Veneers

At BellStone we focus on Geographically close Stone Materials. We do have products from Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Arizona but the majority of our Stone Materials are Produced in Texas and Oklahoma.

Texas Stone

  • Austin White Chopped Limestone
  • Austin Nicotine
  • Lueders Buff Limestone
  • Chocolate Lueders
  • Grey Lueders (Gray Lueders) depending on where you are from!
  • Cinnamon Lueders
  • Charcoal Lueders
  • Cream Lueders
  • Antique Lueders
  • Granbury Chopped
  • Millsap Sandstone
  • San Saba Sandstone
  • Gun Metal Chopped
  • Rio Bravo Chopped

Oklahoma Stone

  • Chopped Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma Recs and Squares
  • Ozark Chopped
  • Brown Ozark
  • Blue Ozark
  • Chopped Hackett Stone
  • Brick Rock
  • Chopped Silvermist
  • Silvermist Builders

Estimating Software

At BellStone we use advanced Measuring Software to accurately measure and calculate the Masonry materials for your New Home. The software computes Stone, Brick, Mortar, Sand, Wall Ties, Nails, and Lintels. In addition, we can compare different sized Brick with Labor factored into the Estimate.

As a credible and reliable landscaping materials and brick supplier, we aim to cater to a wide range of requirements and offer a variety of materials. If you want more information about the materials you can source from us, feel free to call us on 817-441-9590. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us your queries about landscape veneer cost.

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