We at BellStone Masonry Supply offer various types of Mulches, Sands, and Soils. No matter if you are needing Mulch for your Flowerbeds, Sand for your Sandbox, or sand for your mason to use.

Most landscaped areas have some open spaces where plants and shrubs are installed. Many landscapers recommend that these areas be mulched rather than keep the soil exposed to the air. We at BellStone Masonry Supply understand the importance of providing high-quality landscaping and construction materials to our clients. Over the years we have provided excellent masonry hardscaping products, tools, aggregate, landscaping materials, and cement to customers in and around Aledo, Fort Worth, Benbrook, Weatherford.

Our company has a very solid customer base across Brock, Millsap, and Weatherford. Individual homeowners, architects, landscapers, and contractors from Willow Park as well as, Cresson, and Graford source products from us as well and we can provide a variety of mulches for your landscaping projects.

What is Mulch?

Mulch is an extremely versatile product and it has functional as well as decorative uses in landscaping. The mulch forms a thick protective layer over the soil and you can choose mulch of different colors that add color and texture to open areas in your landscape. Some mulch is made from fine gravel and today you can get synthetic mulches as well; we stock a variety of fine gravel and wood mulches that can benefit your plants and soil.

Benefits of Mulching

There are several advantages to mulching the outdoor areas on your property such as:

  • Moisture: Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil. Plantings require moist soil to grow in, but the water gets evaporated from it, especially in warmer weather; this leaves the soil dry and packed. When you use good quality cedar mulch, it helps slow down the evaporation which means the soil retains its moisture content.
  • Temperature: Gravel and wood mulch have an insulating effect and regardless of whether the surrounding temperature is cold or hot, a reasonable layer of mulch ensures the soil under it remains protected. In the warm summer months, mulch prevents the soil from getting heated excessively and in the wintertime the soil doesn’t get too cold.
  • Weeds: Mulch also plays a very important role in ensuring that garden weeds stay suppressed. When you have a healthy landscape, it deters the growth of weeds, but mulching aids the process and doesn’t permit the sunlight to penetrate to the soil level, which prevents the weed seeds from germinating.
  • Nutrients: If you opt for natural mulch, it eventually breaks down and becomes an excellent source of nutrition for the soil underneath and most landscaping professionals recommend the use of natural wood mulch in their projects. Not only does this become decomposed naturally and provide nutrients to the soil, but helps improve the soil’s structure as well.

Types of Mulch:

We carry Mulch in Bulk as well as Bagged.

  • Black Mulch
  • Brown Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Native Hardwood Mulch
  • Red Mulch
  • Bagged Mulch

Sands, Soils, Compost

We carry sand that is used for all types of Masonry installation but can also be used for Sandboxes, Volleyball pits, beach entries, horseshoe pits, etc.

Brick Sand

Brick Sand or Masonry Sand is used to mix with mortar for Brick, Stone, CMU Block, and Thin Veneer applications. We carry regular Brick Sand as Well as White Masonry Sand.


Remix is a mixture of Sand and Pea Gravel used to mix with Portland Cement to form Concrete.


Native Sandy loam soil used for filling in low spots, building flower beds, or under Sod.

Landscapers Mix

Is a PH Balanced mix of Sand, Soil, and Compost that is excellent for Gardens and Flower Beds.


Our proprietary composting process utilizes a scientific and highly controlled approach to create a living, consistent, weed & pathogen free, fertile and healthy product. The engineered microbiology formulas we use to inoculate our compost inputs and outputs is the secret to producing our unparalleled products. Our premium blends and turfgrass mixes are designed to maximize soil life, plant fertility & health, and water conservation using sustainable, natural and organic practices. We design products that produce desired results. Come visit our production facility to learn more.

As a credible and reliable landscaping materials and brick supplier, we aim to cater to a wide range of requirements and offer a variety of materials. If you want more information about the materials you can source from us, feel free to call us on 817-441-9590. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us your queries about mulch cost.

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