Mortars, Cements, Etc.

Mortar is a very commonly used material in masonry projects. While standard mortar is a gray in color like concrete, it doesn’t do much for the aesthetics of the installation. This is why contractors, architects and landscapers now recommend the use of colored mortars in their projects.

We at Bell’s Natural Stone understand the importance of providing high-quality landscape and construction materials and have a variety of mortars and related products on offer. Over the years we have provided excellent masonry hardscaping products, tools, aggregate, landscaping materials and cement to customers in and around Aledo, Fort Worth, Benbrook, Weatherford.

Our company has a very solid customer base across Brock, Millsap; and Godley; and individual homeowners, architects, landscapers and contractors from Willow Park as well as, Cresson, and Graford source products from us as well. If you look at boundary walls, retaining walls and even the exterior walls made of exposed brick or natural stone, you may see that the joints are filled with colored mortar.

As you may have noticed but it is becoming increasingly popular nowadays to use different mortar colors. There are so many more choices now when selecting mortar for your bricks, stone veneer and paver installations. This enables you to really create a unique feature and quality to your project. Gone are the days of just the boring old grey mortars; today your design options are endless.

There are many different types of mortar mixes available on the market today and that can sometimes make it a little confusing to determine which of these will suit your application. Mortar mixes are categorized based on their bonding properties, flexibility and compressive strength. Every mortar mix has a certain proportion of Portland cement, sand and hydrated lime, which are referred to as volumes used during the mixing. And the mortar you use will be dependent on the adhesion, sealing, strength and resistance requirements as well.

We have an expert, knowledgeable and experienced sales team that can provide you all the information you need about the different types of mortars available, what their pros and cons are and which applications they can be used in. This helps you make a more well-informed decision about the products you want to buy.

You can then decide which colors and stains you want as those will add to the aesthetics and uniqueness of your project. Regardless of how strong the quality of stone, brick or paving is, you need to use top-grade mortar to ensure that the stability and strength of the structure is maintained. When you source materials used for any construction or landscaping project from us, you can rest assured that these will be of the highest quality; this adds to the beauty, resilience and longevity of your installation.

Let us help you add a different effect with a mortar color that you may never think would have worked before or even been available! As a credible and reliable landscaping materials and brick supplier, we aim to cater to a wide range of requirements and offer a variety of materials. If you want more information about the materials you can source from us, feel free to call us on 817-441-9590. You can also us this Contact Us form to send us your queries about mortar cost.

Mortar Colors

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