Live Edge Fireplace Mantles

A Live Edge Fireplace Mantle is a must have if you are looking for that conversation piece. A Live Edge Fireplace Mantle is hands down the one thing that can give the most bang for the buck. A live edge fireplace mantel is extremely unique due to the natural face of the mantle that mother nature shaped. Yes, they cost more than a Trim made mantle, but when you consider the spot you spend the most hours at your couch with family or entertaining friends. Well, seems like a no brainer!

Live Edge Fireplace Mantles

Our Mantle Story

First, we are not positive even how to spell the darn things: Fireplace Mantle or Fireplace Mantels. Regardless, sometime back we ran across some Live Edge Fireplace Mantles at the Fort Worth Home and Garden Show. We had always carried Stone Mantles but honestly, with a fully Stoned Fireplace the added Stone Mantle was just too much and really did not stand out. When we saw these Live Edge Mantles, we fell in love. My dad, cousin, and I had hobbied with Woodworking for years.

Our interest in Woodworking along with the ability to recycle trees from Stone Quarries we decided making our own Mantles were an option. Well, we dove in and bought a sawmill from Timberking and the rest was history. Initially, we started with 10 but started to realize with experience in the retail that if you want to sell products, you need selection. Now we stock over 100 Fireplace Mantles at our showroom in Willow Park near Fort Worth and Aledo on Interstate 20. We now provide Fireplace Mantles on our E-commerce site and have shipping Mantles all over the United States.

Our Mantles:

From the Ground to your Fireplace! We harvest the trees, Cut the core into blanks, then finish it out.

Green: We at BellStone consider ourselves a “Green” manufacturer of Fireplace Mantels. We Cut only trees that are needing to be removed or already dead. The latter is the best option because a tree that has been dead for at least 2 years has more character and also has a much lower moisture content which could cause warps in the wood.

Kiln Dried: We do kiln Dry our Mantles but not everyone. If a mantle has a low moisture content (we check with a moisture meter), then we do not Kiln Dry.

Wood Boring Bugs Treatment: The Powder Post Beetle is the little creature that leaves the unique wormholes in Pecan and mainly Mesquite wood. Once they do their work they need to go. Kiln Drying kills the Beetles but we also use a pesticide that penetrates the top 1” of the wood. It has proven very effective again removal and re-infestation.

Types of Wood:

99% of our Mantles are harvested in Palo Pinto County and Parker County.

Mesquite Mantles

Mesquite is a wood that is native to Texas and is extremely resilient and durable too. In addition, it is stable, dense and far harder than many other hardwood species. On the Janka Hardness Scale Mesquite is 2,345 lbf (10,430 N). Mesquite wood is very stable because of its unique and random growth ring pattern. Due to this unique characteristic in Mesquite Wood, there is less warpage. Mesquite lumber also only shrinks 5% from the green stage to the dry stage. Versus other wood that can shrink 15%. It has a unique appearance with grain characteristics and a medium brown color that makes it perfect as a mantel piece feature. Colors can vary. Mesquite wood can be littered with worm holes and others not so much. Our best seller by far!

Live Edge Fireplace Mantles Live Edge Fireplace Mantles Live Edge Fireplace Mantles
Live Edge Fireplace Mantles

Pecan Mantles

Texas Pecan varies more than the other types of woods we cut. Some of this is due to the decay process Pecan endures. Pecan that hasn’t been dead as long has richer colors that are more defined and heavier as well. A “Spalted” Pecan is a Pecan tree that has been dead years. The wood is lighter in weight, more holes, and has definite black grain lines intermingled. The decay isn’t an issue once the Pecan is out of the Elements.

Oak Mantles

Oak Mantles are trickier as they tend to warp more during drying. Some of this is due to tight grain patterns and the inability to Quarter Saw (a process that lumber producers use to counter the circular growth rings).

Quarter Sawing can’t be done because it eliminates the Natural Face. Having said this, we provide several native Species of Oak Mantles:

  • Live Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Burr Oak
  • Post Oak

Cedar Mantles

Texas Cedar or Texas Juniper, is a native Cedar tree that is highly popular for the use of Fence post or staves. Red and Tan tones in Color. A bushy tree that pollinates once a year and causes havoc with allergy victims throughout the southern part of the United States, myself included. A mature cedar tree mass tapers significantly compared to tall straight Eastern Red Cedar.

Live Edge Fireplace Mantles

Black Walnut Mantles

Black Walnut isn’t really known for its beauty as a tree. Simple in appearance with unique Walnuts seeds. Our Black Walnut Mantles are unique because they are rare in this part of Texas. Beautiful rich dark brown (almost black) wood grains make it a very attractive wood for woodworkers. This is my dad’s favorite and hardest to harvest.

Live Edge Fireplace Mantles

Texas Elm

This is our secret; well I guess not anymore. My favorite wood we have. A light-colored wood that can be stained. Texas Elm has unique burl wood (knots) on the outside edge or Live Edge of the wood. You will also find unique cranberry-like dots scattered throughout the grains of the wood. Very stable, unique, and available.

Live Edge Fireplace Mantles

Countertop Pieces and Bathroom Vanities

We carry several Live Edge Countertop pieces in stock or can custom cut about anything. Urethane and Glass Coated finishes available.

Live Edge Fireplace Mantles

How to Install?

There are several methods of installation.

  • Stone or Brick Corbels - This step is really for new construction because the Stone has to be installed as the Fireplace is built. The mason can use 4” wide chopped stone or brick and build a shelf or arm to rest the Mantle. Easiest and cheapest route. If the wood shrinks you will have NO issues.
  • Other Corbels - Fireplace Corbels are two pieces or brackets that hold support for the suspension of the Mantel. Not all Corbels are supportive as you can add decorative corbels for Aesthetics purposes. In this case we will assume supportive. These types can be metal, block wood to match, custom designed, etc.
  • Floating - A floating Mantle has no visible supports. Has the appearance of “floating”.
    • We carry a Floating Mantle Bracket that will support the weight of the mantle, properly attached to your studs or existing masonry, and is recessed to not be seen.
    • You can choose to use other methods such as lag bolts, sucker rod, or all-thread. The two biggest issues with these methods are maintaining level and support. But this was the only way for years so it does work.

We source the best mesquite wood trunks and other various species of wood and can custom-cut and finish them for you. These are re-sawed, hand-sanded and hand-rubbed to bring out the natural beauty of the logs.

Whether you have a contemporary or rustic mantle, mesquite is a wood that complements the look and appearance of your fireplace to perfection.

As a credible and reliable building materials supplier and mesquite mantel supplier, we aim to cater to a wide range of requirements and offer a variety of materials. If you want more information about the materials you can source from us, feel free to call us on 817-441-9590. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us your queries about mesquite mantel cost.

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