Boulders & Blocks

At BellStone Masonry Supply we carry a vast assortment of Boulders, Blocks, and Stone Slabs for various types of Stone projects.

Boulders - Boulders are generally used as an accent and in a Landscape setting but can also be used in Water Features, Swimming Pool Ledges, Parking Lots, and more. There are various types of Boulders including Native Moss Boulders, Oklahoma Creek Boulders, Palo Pinto Limestone, Rose Quartz, and many more.

Slabs - Stone slabs or blocks can be use for several applications such as for Swimming Pool Grottos (Caves), Large steps, and walls.

Blocks - Stone Blocks are generally rectangular in nature and can be sawed top and bottom or with a natural edge. Most of the times these stones are stacked to create walls or entrances. In most cases these blocks can be drilled and pinned created a strong but simple wall.

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